Who We Are

Have you ever wondered where your stuff comes from or who made your things?

At Kare Bags all our fabric is locally sourced.
Our mesh is 100% unbleached cotton yarn, it's grown in Africa & manufactured in Cape Town
Our labels are printed on recycled cotton.
Rashieda and her team (pictured below) make all our bags and our designer Susan creates all our bespoke patterns. 

In a world of fast fashion where faster & cheaper is key, often at the expense of workers salaries & living conditions, we believe that everyone involved in our company should benefit from it.
We have a strong bond with these ladies and are grateful for all their hard work & talent.
The company would not exist without their skills. 

Guardians of Nature

We want to hand the power back to you the consumer.
You should know that by being more selective over what you buy, you can actually shape, and shift what the market provides.
By refusing plastic & fast fashion you stand up for the planet.

#ShoppingIsVoting we hope you vote for our locally made goodies. 

​As you shop with your Kare Bags to actively improve the state of our planet we want you to feel that you are connected to all the human hands involved in making your bag.
We strive to be as transparent as possible and allow you to grow with us in this Kommunity driven business.

We say Kommunity because we respond directly to your needs and are always open to hearing your feedback & suggestions.

Feel free to contact us: kbkeren@gmail.com 

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