Buy 4 get one FREE
Buy 4 get one FREE
Buy 4 get one FREE
Buy 4 get one FREE
Buy 4 get one FREE

Buy 4 get one FREE

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Buy a pack of 4 masks and get the 5th one free!

This pack is ideal for ensuring that you have enough masks to properly wash and dry them before reusing. You can also use our different colours to represent different days of the week as a reminder of which masks have be cleaned.

The pleated mask packs come in a variety of all 5 colours & the fitted masks in a variety of 4 colours. This is because our multicoloured masks in this style have sold out.

Simply chose which style; fitted or pleated and receive a 5 pack in your chosen style.

Made locally in Cape Town.

The Business for South Africa Health Work group suggests the following:
- Have at a minimum of two masks so that you always have a clean one ready
- Masks should be made from thick weave cotton like denim, calico, upholstery fabric or shweshwe.

-100% cotton
-Partly Upcycled fabric.

Did you know? You can purchase your dearest friend a kare mask gift kard today & let them select their mask. Just a little something to let them know that you love them.  

Kare Instructions: Hot water machine wash. Iron after each wash.

For wholesale enquirers email: